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Edward Forchion

 (born Robert Edward Forchion, Jr July 23, 1964), also known as NJWeedman, is an American Rastafari cannabis rights and free speech activist, perennial candidate, actor, writer, and restaurateur. He is the founder of the Legalize Marijuana Party. In 2020 he legally changed his name to

A resident of New Jersey and California, he is a registered medical cannabis user. He has been arrested and convicted for some of his activities and has mounted various legal defenses and challenges to laws regarding cannabis.

After his last arrest the state of New Jersey filed a motion on March 7, 2017, for pretrial detention to incarcerate Forchion until trial. Forchion held a hunger strike for nearly two weeks while being held without bail, calling himself a political prisoner.  The trial began October 26, 2017.  On November 8, the jury found him not guilty of one charge of second-degree witness tampering, and was hung on another charge in the third degree.  In January 2018, he was again denied bail, pending a re-trial. His appeal to being denied bail and being released was denied in February 2018. In May 2018, in the second trial, he was acquitted by a jury on charges of witness tampering. He had spent 447 days in jail.

Following the legalization of cannabis in New Jersey in 2021, Forchion began openly selling marijuana from an unlicensed store across from the city hall in Trenton. He has said he will not close his store

He later began weed-friendly ventures in Florida.

NJ Weedman

Forchion uses the moniker NJWeedman. He has attempted to have his name legally changed to  (his domain name), but was denied, first by the courts in New Jersey in 2004 and in another case in California in 2011, which cited, among other things, comity with New Jersey’s ruling.

On October 17 of 2022, a Mercer County, NJ judge approved his petition to change his name.  expects his close friends and family will still call him “Ed,” but he intends to otherwise make full use of his new name.

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